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Ravroop  Enterprises Limited is an independent, locally owned company, dedicated  to providing high quality real estate inspection services to home buyers  and sellers in British Columbia. 
Ravroop Enterprises Limited has  no ties with any other business and does not perform any repair work.  You get a completely honest and objective opinion about the condition of  the house you want to buy. I personally will guide you through the  inspection process, and make sure you have full understanding of any  issues that may have come up during the inspection.

I will schedule other inspectors needed to complete the total inspection in a timely manner, so as to create a seamless process.
 I  treat the inspection as an educational process, and I encourage you to  attend the inspection so you have the best understanding of the house.  Your questions are welcome at any time during or after the inspection.
 I  own the company, and I do all the inspections. I'm licensed by  the Province of British Columbia ( BPCPA # 47759 and member of  CAHPI,  BC as a Associate   Inspector. I will crawl into small crawl spaces, I will climb on steep  roofs, I will go into hot attics, and I'm not afraid to get dirty, I Do  it All! 

 Residential properties are our specialty!

Proudly serving Metro Vancouver & Lower Mainland,
British Columbia, Canada for nearly a decade!
Rajinder Toor
Ravroop Enterprises Ltd
(604) 930-8667

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